The Monster – Sunday Scribblings #22

Sunday Scribblings

The Monster Wore A Cow Costume.

No, seriously. The mascot of Cowtown Jamborama is, well, a cow. The Jitterbugs have a cow costume and a few people take turns wearing it during dances. (or one person wears it, I guess I’m not sure.)

The sight of a giant walking, dancing cow is a little terrifying when you’re two. Terrifying and yet…somehow alluring, exciting. Wally has a love/hate relationship with this cow. He doesn’t want it near him. He will practically try to crawl THROUGH us to get away if it gets too close (like, 5 feet), saying “no, NO! No cow!!” But then when the cow moves away, he will say mournfully “cow?? Cow??” And he must keep his eyes on the cow at all times. I can only assume that this is so that he is certain of the cow’s location, to make sure it doesn’t get too close.

Today, however, he touched the cow (on purpose). While holding me with legs and his other arm as tight as he could. But still he did it (with encouragement, but not force, from me). And then the cow was a little less scary. Still too scary to allow it to come near him without a parent to hold on to, but not so scary so as to induce tears or crawling-through-you-to-get-away antics.

Mommy! Save me from the scary cow!


2 responses to “The Monster – Sunday Scribblings #22

  1. It’s good that he’s making progress in conquering his concern. Too often children have unvoiced fears, which grow into larger fears. It sounds like the cherub won’t have this particular monster to concern him for much longer. Nice take on the prompt.

  2. Somehow, in the middle of this post, I thought about Wally as Us and the cow as God. (Don’t take me for a pantheist here, okay?)

    What I’m saying is, I am both terrified and allured/excited by God. I want Him close… but let him breathe too near my neck and I’m shivering and looking for my Mommy. If I feel He has hidden Himself, I moan mournfully, “God, God…?” I want to know His location, to be certain, yet He eludes me in the grasses. And sometimes, when I am very brave, and God gives me the grace to do so by whispering, “Be not afraid,” I even reach out to touch Him. And, in that moment, I grow up just a very little bit.

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