My Office

my office

Shamelessly copying my friend Mike, who posted this meme on his blog a while back. This is my desk. It looks cluttered, but it’s really not – it just doesn’t have doors so you see all the things on the shelves. You’ll notice I have three phones. The leftmost one is supposed to synch with the kitchen one (with the answering machine) but doesn’t. Randy’s convinced I’m just not doing it right, and has promised to figure it out. So it’s sat there since January waiting for him to come fix it… The black one is the one I use most often. The other one is a cordless that I plug in if I need a cordless.

The casette tape case is Kenny Rogers and Dottie West and Sheena Easton duets. ha. My snack stash is sitting on top of the radio. My mug resides on the shelf over the monitor. The paper recycling bag is annoying and in the way. That black basket to the left is my outgoing mail. I keep various supplies and books on the shelves. The software in the CD rack above the monitor is mostly W’s software. The white box near the lamp is my intercom, which is mainly used for Randy to yell at me from upstairs things like “when are you coming up?”

So there you have it, my desk.


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