You know what’s flattering?

And I mean it. It’s flattering to realize that certain businesses who fancy themselves to be your competitors use your own business name in their advertising to try to trick people searching for your business into finding their business instead. Because it’s admitting a few things. 1) people are searching for your business, not theirs. 2) they can only get people by tricking them. 3) your SEO skills are far superior to theirs.

OK, maybe not so much that last one. I’ve developed quite the big head about my SEO skills.


2 responses to “You know what’s flattering?

  1. I know very little about search engine optimization, and I don’t own a business, but I have noticed that certain types of political blog post titles attract more hits.

  2. It’s all about finding out what key words people are searching for. I’ve mostly guessed, but many people (professionals, and I would imagine this would definitely include political professionals) subscribe to services that tell them what are the hot key words. There are a few free services out there that will help, too.

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