Breastfeeding in the news again

There’s apparently yet another study recently released talking about how breastfed children are smarter. And flipping around the channels this AM looking for a forecast, the caption “are breastfed children really smarter” caught my eye.

There was a researcher, who was supporting the idea that breastfed kids (statistically speaking) are smarter. (When I tuned in, she was suggesting that it’s a well-established fact that breastfed kids are healthier, and it’s not too big of a leap to get to being smarter – study after study has shown that healthier kids are smarter. Then the breastfeeding isn’t that important person was a psychologist – her main argument was that studies like this make non-breastfeeding parents feel guilty and that’s a bad thing.

grr. How about – as parents, we all want to do what is best for our children, and studies like this help parents to figure out what is best?

The researcher, a mom herself, said “hey, being a mom is all about guilt. If you don’t feel guilty about this, you’re going to feel it about something else,” basically saying that the guilt argument doesn’t really hold water. And that was it. Shallow story, of course, which really bugs me about TV news…

Anyway. That’s it.

Courtesy of my husband, who must be surfing his news sites this morning, here is an article about this study.


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