Why am I watching the news?

So now there’s a story of a few girls in Chicago who disappeared a few years ago, and now their relative found a picture of another girl who she thinks looks like what one of the girls might look like now, and the family of the missing girls is certain it’s her, but the girl’s parents are equally certain that she is theirs. They have pictures of her being born, birth certificates, pictures of her growing up, etc.

And the hosts of this loser news program are questioning why the dad of this girl would even hesitate to submit his daughter’s dna for testing. Um, because it’s an invasion of privacy?? Because then her DNA will be on government DNA records for eternity? Because he shouldn’t have to just because some grieving family (who I feel bad for) says his daughter looks like what their daughter might look like based on photos they have that are 7 years old? The dad said, basically, that they’ll do it if it becomes absolutely necessary, but he’s hired an attorney and he’ll do what the attorney advises.

OK, well, it’s just occuring to me that I’m on the computer now and so I’ll just look up a forecast online…


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