OK, pretty much done with Freecycle

I think I’ll give ReUseIt a try (even though their how-to email says that the last step of reduce, reuse, recycle is “reuse”) and if the people on that list are as flaky as the Freecycle people, then I’ll just go back to Goodwill and the garbage. Really, I hate to throw things away, but I also don’t have entire days to devote to arranging for people to pick stuff up, only to have them not show up.

For the love of Pete, people, the stuff is FREE. If you don’t actually want it, then DON’T SAY YOU DO!! If you change your mind or something comes up, CALL OR EMAIL!!


3 responses to “OK, pretty much done with Freecycle

  1. I hear you. We tried to get stuff from freecycle BUT every time we replied, we were turned down. ??? Not because we were late or not first to respond, but because the “applicants” were screened for who was most worthy?

    Whatever. Its free junk people.

  2. We had someone stand us up on coming to get a FREE Maytag Neptune Washer! I had better luck when I finally just started setting things on my porch and emailing Freecyle w/ a “whoever wants it, come and get it” message. First come, first served. That worked out great b/c I never had to talk face to face to the people, or read the begging emails. I also gave up on trying to get anyone else’s free crap b/c apparently I wasn’t worthy enough.

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