Meme from Mama P

Ten Years Ago what were you doing?

May 1998. Hm. Planning our first anniversary trip, deciding I was not ready for home ownership yet (we bought our house less than a year later), taking my dad’s presence in my life for granted, happily married and loving our little apartment.

Five Things on Tomorrow’s “To Do” List

Elastic on all the light-colored fleece covers for an order
Make an attempt at picking up the bedroom, difficult because I gave DH until Friday to put his clothes away.
Shower because, for the love of Pete, I need to
Plant the herbs I bought 2 weeks ago
Process and mail orders

If I were a Billionaire

Pay off all remaining debt. Invest wisely. Use interest to hire someone to do all the crap around here that needs done. (Paint trim, fix bathroom, etc)  Put some of it to good use helping others.
Three Bad Habits

Cracking my back and neck

Assuming others will understand my sense of humor, which few people do

Assuming the best in others, which should be a good thing, but gets me into trouble a lot.

Five Places I’ve Lived

Des Moines
Another house in Des Moines

Five Jobs I’ve Had

– assistant editor at a book publishing company
– assistant to the CFO at an insurance company, doing mostly technical writing but some assistant stuff too
– owner of my international conglomerate of companies, lol
– telephone survey taker
– costume shop seamstress

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2 responses to “Meme from Mama P

  1. Ten Years Ago what were you doing?

    May 1998. Was living in Prague, went to Moscow for a couple of weeks for work.

    Five Things on Tomorrow’s “To Do” List
    walk the dog
    Get five-year-old to school on time
    Take two-year-old to meet someone for lunch
    Go to board meeting
    Go to API meeting

    If I were a Billionaire
    Invest conservatively.
    Help out some friends who are in financial trouble.
    Set up college trust funds for children of some people who are unlikely to be able to afford to pay for higher education.
    Donate most of it to a charitable foundation and start researching the right causes.

    Three Bad Habits

    Biting my nails
    Letting my papers pile up
    Running late

    Five Places I’ve Lived
    Windsor Heights, Iowa
    Cambridge, Massachusetts
    London, England
    New York, New York
    Prague, Czech Republic

    Five Jobs I’ve Had
    -day camp counselor
    -researcher for investment bank
    -Russian analyst for research institute
    -Russian analyst for Radio Free Europe
    -freelance writer on Russian politics

  2. Ten Years Ago what were you doing?

    May 1998. Getting settled in my first house — that was also unfortunately flooded in June! Dating Dave. That was a good good summer!

    Five Things on Tomorrow’s “To Do” List

    Call the dude in Polk City about Jackie’s bike.
    Hopefully, round up more Brownie Scout forms.
    Perhaps run by Dominos on EP True to see if we won free pizza for a year.
    Kohl’s for shorts for GrantValley West Mall for a gift certificate.
    Survive the last early out day.

    If I were a Billionaire
    Definitely become debt free.
    Help others — animals and birthing families.
    Invest wisely so my children, and their children, can enjoy my cash too.

    Three Bad Habits

    Eating out of boredom — currently doing.

    Either throwing it away when I should recycle, or hoarding it when I should throw it away.


    Five Places I’ve Lived

    Iowa City, Iowa
    Dubuque, Iowa
    Freeport, Illinois
    West Des Moines, Iowa
    Manchester, Iowa
    (I am NOT exciting.)

    Five Jobs I’ve Had

    – Lifeguard/swim instructor
    – Cashier at a lumber supply store
    – Bank Teller
    – PR for Iowa Donor Network
    – Hospital Accountant

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