The week’s activities

See, I had pictures. But I also seem to have some sort of unique ability to erase things just through the power of my mind. First my Ipod, then the memory card in the camera. It’s EMPTY. No kidding.

But, at any rate:

Thursday, we found baby bunnies in the yard. Randy actually found them while mowing. He was afraid he’d run them over. After a quick internet search, we discovered that it’s not true that mommy bunnies reject baby bunnies who’ve been touched so we scooped up the three bunnies that were out of their nest and put them in a box so Randy could mow. Then we found the nest with 2 more bunnies in it, so he mowed around the nest. Wally adored the baby bunnies, and proceeded to pretty much overlove them like he overloves everything else. We set them back by their nest, and the mommy moved the nest overnight.

Friday, Wally went to school. More on that here.

Tuesday, we went to storytime at the historical museum. It was kind of a bust, but the craft activity was fun, and wally really enjoyed the Mammoth skeleton, teeth, etc. We spent the whole morning there. And W fell in love with the baby deer they have on display. Like, he didn’t want to leave it there, because it would be lonely.  It needed to come home with us. sigh. In the evening, we happened to see one of the baby bunnies – a week older, and much faster now. Wally felt bad that he was scaring it, all he wanted to do was pet it and tell it that it was OK.

Wednesday, we played with friends and, though there were a few spats, overall it went really well. It’s so hard to get along before you’ve learned all the social graces. Wally made a new friend in the afternoon. A housefly. More on that here.

Today, we had a picnic outside. It was raining, but we sat on the swing under the canopy and enjoyed ourselves. Wally was quite disappointed that the birds didn’t come to eat the bread we set out for them.


2 responses to “The week’s activities

  1. Just an FYI here, but if Wally likes to feed the ducks/geese we got 6 loaves of Wonder Bread at the day old bread store on 100th for .75 total. And, pathetically, it was all fresher than what I had in my fridge!

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