Sunday Scribblings – Quitting

Goodness. This week’s prompt was quitting. I am certain I have quit things in my life. I mean, surely, I have, right? But I can’t think of anything.

But what I can think of is all the times I stubbornly refused to quit, even though quitting would have been in my best interests. The time my computer was being stubborn and wouldn’t start up, for example, and I called Randy at work crying because I was so frustrated with it, and he advised me to leave it alone for a few hours, but what did I do? Kept at it. Of course, it paid off – I got it figured out within the next hour.

There’ve been times I’ve been so frustrated with Wallypop or with Swing DSM that I’ve considered quitting – sometimes seriously. But I haven’t, because I’m stubborn.

My life has been peppered with countless instances of stubbornness winning out over quitting…and ultimately being the best thing for me.


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