Goals update

Ok, honestly, when I realized it was near the end of the month, I suddenly remembered that I could not even remember what May’s goal was. How did that happen? It was to eat fewer transfats.

Well, I didn’t make any actual effort towards this.

The good news is that I don’t think I eat many to start with. Transfats are mainly found in commercial baked goods, fried foods, and snack foods. We don’t eat many commercial baked goods – just bread (though I’m hoping to get back to making my own bread this month), and we buy transfat-free bread when we can. (that would be, when it’s convenient. I’m not making a separate trip somewhere just for bread.) We eat fried food only infrequently. Snack foods…we actually haven’t had any around for a while. We have been snacking on fruit and veggies (even Wally, who is eventually driven by curiousity to eat whatever I’m eating once he’s determined whether or not it has cheese). I did buy myself some Lays stacks yesterday, they probably have transfats.

So, May was kind of a bust. Oops.

June is patience. Holy moly, do I need to work on that.


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