can’t please everyone, I guess.

Two weeks ago, a local woman called, wanting to do some shopping at Wallypop, and she wanted to come by pretty much…right then. I don’t normally allow same-day appointments, but the house was relatively picked up, so I asked her to give me an hour to get lunch (it was 11;45) and come on over. While she was here she commented several times about how messy the house was (which it wasn’t) while her kids proceeded to take out all of our toys and spill their drinks on my rug. sigh. She came back a few days later and returned the bulk of her purchases, in favor of a different item from a different local store. And complained about the fact that I made her kids stay within my line of sight at all times.

Last week, I worked very hard Thursday and Friday, put off some of my own personal tasks and sewing, bored Wally to death, and worked most of the days and into the nights to finish up all of my outstanding made to order items. Some of these items, I finished up a good 2 weeks earlier than I had planned. Most of the time, people are thrilled something’s going to take only 2 weeks, not 4. Today, I got an email from a customer complaining about it. grrr.


2 responses to “sigh

  1. You are right, you can’t please everyone.
    But we love you;) Asher LOVES to poo all over your products. And that, dear, is love. Lol.
    Playdate tomorrow? For like an hour from 10ish tp a little after 11? Email me.

  2. Whenever something like that happens to me, I think back to the afternoon in college when I offended an older couple by referring to them as “guys” while waiting tables (as in, “How are you guys doing today?”). The restaurant manager explained to me, “There are some customers you just don’t want.” It stuck with me.

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