No more HBO, and I defend Hillary Clinton

First, we cancelled our HBO finally. The agreement was that we’d cancel it the day after the Sopranos ended, but then Randy hemmed and hawed and we hung on to it. Never mind that the only TV with satellite (and, so, HBO) is in the front room, where we rarely have the TV on. Finally, though, what actually did it for Randy was that Wally likes to re-watch movies numerous times. And so, for example, when they stumbled upon Iron Giant (a really good movie), Wally asked to watch it again for days afterward. Problem? It wasn’t on. (Not that I feel that we have to let him watch whatever he wants, when he wants it, but if he wants to watch TV and it’s TV Time and whatnot…I like to let him watch what he wants.) So Randy got sick of arguing with W over what was and was not on TV. So no more movie channels for us.

We’re actually switching our package to something cheaper but better, which is good (and rare). We’ll end up having TV reception in 4 rooms (the 4 rooms with TVs), which seems like overkill, except that we’re not a family that really finds it convenient to only have 1 TV. We have the one in the living room, which is the one we watch in summer because that room gets a nice breeze. We have the one in the bedroom, which we use mostly to watch Discovery Channel. We have the one in the basement, which is where we have family movie night in the winter, because it’s a smaller room that’s easier to heat with the space heaters. Also where W will now be able to watch PBS while I work – yay. And we’ll have one in the attic, which I’m not sold on the need there, except that W and I end up retreating up there (a small room with an in-wall window A/C) when it’s too hot to be anywhere else in the house but yet I need to work. This will allow us to watch something like PBS instead of having to stick with movies when we’re up there and W’s run out of creative ways to use the punching bag and is bored with his toys.

Second, Hillary Clinton’s comment about assassination from over the weekend. OK, I totally got what she meant. It’s stupid to quit now, because things happen. Then she pulled two examples from the past. She was NOT saying that someone should kill Obama. Please. Now you know I really really mean that because I honestly never ever thought I’d ever defend anything that Mrs. Clinton did or said. (whatever happened to using her Maiden name, anyway? it’s better politically to more strongly affiliate herself as a Clinton?)


3 responses to “No more HBO, and I defend Hillary Clinton

  1. I hate that this election has me defending Hillary on a regular basis 😦

    Oh and we are getting rid of all televisions in our home soon! I’m scared at how I’ll entertain my two under two, but we’ll see…..

  2. well, the TVs in our house are largely for the adults. I almost had Randy convinced to get rid of all but one a while back, but he’s definitely a TV guy. And I do genuinely like the educational qualities of TV. I know many homeschoolers without TV, and they say that they don’t need video to adequately learn, and I don’t disagree with that necessarily, but there’s a big difference between reading about/seeing pictures of something like a Whale…and actually seeing one on video in its natural environment.

    W has 2 hours of TV a day, max, if he needs it. (now) And by “if he needs it” I mean “if I need it.” Largely, we do really well with me working 1-4:30 every day and him drawing, painting, playing, play-doughing, playing on the computer (Jumpstart software). Some days, though, not so much. I think if I didn’t work from home and need largeish chunks of time to work during the day, it’d be much easier.

  3. Although I’ve never liked Hillary or Bill, I have also been drawn into many arguments this year defending Hillary from the deranged, howling Obamaniacs.

    If you read the whole relevant portion of the transcript, clearly she was referring to the fact that RFK was still campaigning in June (not having wrapped up the nomination) at the time of his death. So historically, it is not unusual for a presidential campaign to be going on until June.

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