I think some day I’ll quit posting mostly about things that annoy me, but today’s not that day.

Dr. Laura. I’m working late tonight, and I can do that most effectively with the radio on, something talk, not music, and Dr Laura is what’s on. Dad calls in. Son is 3. Likes to play with his train set. Dad is “not into that.” Dad is not sure if he should suck it up and spend time with his son playing trains.

Um. YES.

Dr Laura says, he’s the dad. he is the parent. he is the head of his household. the kid does what he says. the kid can do something dad likes.

Um, what? This is the child’s PLAY time. This is something the child ENJOYS. For the love of Pete!!!

Now, do we ALWAYS do what the kids want? No. We all get a turn. At our house, some days we do whatever W wants. Some days, mommy decides we’re going to the store, or we’re going for a walk, or whatever. But I don’t have to dictate what he does every minute of the day. For crying out loud.


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