Holy Bladder Infection, Batman

So, several years ago, we were camping in South Dakota and I woke up one morning feeling crappy and went to the bathroom and peed blood and blood clots. Went to Urgent Care, and the doctor told me that it was the worst bladder infection he’d ever seen. If I got any worse, I had strict instructions to come back and probably be admitted. I had felt fine when I went to sleep. Spent the next 3 days on Cipro, peeing every 5 minutes (and it took a full minute to walk to the bathroom, and a minute back) and in great pain before it cleared up a bit.

It was fun.

Today, I’ve felt fine. During class, I had to pee and noticed it was pink. After momentary panic that I was losing the baby, I calmed down and realized it was my bladder, and not my uterus, that was the source of the blood. A phone call to Cosette assured that I’d have a prescription waiting for me after class. By the time we were able to get there though, 2 hours later, I was in serious pain, my pee had turned red, and I felt like total and complete crap.

What freaks me out is how quickly it gets bad with me. I mean, I was fine not an hour before. I still felt fine for about another hour after I noticed the pink pee. I hope it clears up soon, I don’t have time to be sick right now. I’m hitting the cranberry really hard, too, and I’ll have to hit the probiotics in the AM.

Wally also visited the doctor today where we found out his allergy cough turned to bronchitis some time in the last day or so. Tuesday night, his coughing was markedly worse, and different than it’s been. So he’s on antibiotics, too. (Penecillin, actually, the first time he’s ever been on antibiotics, and I’m terrified he’s going to swell up during the night. Even though I know drug allergies are not normally genetic.) We’re like a yeast overgrowth waiting to happen. I don’t think I can stand thrush right now, my boobs are sore enough as it is.


2 responses to “Holy Bladder Infection, Batman

  1. Feel better soon!

    If you ever want me to order “cranberrier” tablets from Melaleuca for you, just let me know. I order from them every month anyway.

  2. Let me read up about them and I’ll LYK. I appreciate the offer. Cosette’s suggested I just make plans to either drink lots of juice for the duration of this pregnancy or start popping the cranberry pills.

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