Update on the flooding in my office here.

Family room still has standing water, but it’s not a big concern. Bigger concern = Randy’s shop (aka the Tool Room since it’s where we keep our tools) which flooded like I’ve never seen before, and also hasn’t been cleaned up real well for a while, so it’s a HUGE mess and kind of smells bad. Nice.

We decided to put just enough effort into things to prevent mold growth, but not enough to actually clean up. Because it’s just going to keep happening until the ground is less saturated. Good thing is the Family Room, we chose a plastic fake wood floor for this very reason. It won’t grow mold. Yay. Everything else is up off the floor, so it’s largely just a matter of waiting for it to dry up, which it will do soon enough with the help of two dehumidifiers.

W and I went to the zoo today. And so did the rest of the city. Holy Moly I’ve never seen it so crowded. And I didn’t like it. But we couldn’t go to the wading pool, so we chose the zoo instead. (OK, and I wanted to go to the south side Joann’s.) Tomorrow is going to be a work day, all day. boring.

We did end up going to Okoboji for the weekend, leaving the basement wet, because there was nothing really that we could do about it. It was a fun weekend, though too short and very rainy/stormy. We did have one beautiful evening and one beautiful morning, so we had a chance to visit the beach a few times. W got to go in the pool a few times, and we discovered that he’s still pretty terrified of it, though he wants so badly to like it. We shared a townhouse (a timeshare we inherited from my mom) with my sister and her family.


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