Life. Present, Future, Planned-for, and Perhaps Only Wished For

1. Randy and I have been talking more and more seriously about acreage living. I think we have it within our grasp financially (finally!) in 5-6 (or 10) years. Question: At 40 and 50, will we still want to live on an acerage? And do we really want to now? Or is it one of those pipe dreams like moving to rural mountainous Utah? Something that looks appealing only because we have no idea what it would really be like? But even without acerage/off-the-grid living, we’ve been considering other things like actually getting chickens. (I shall have to grill Abby about this next time I see her.) Talking to someone more knowledgeable about where the heck we could put solar panels. Etc. It’s fun to think about.

2. Being a WAHM is hard work. A lot of hard work. Wallypop is very successful, but at the same time, it’s dragging me down somewhat. I’m trying to figure out how to slow down, cut back. I’m not sure if hiring help is the way to go, or if just cutting down on business is the way to go. I read these other SAHM blogs and they’re baking and gardening and doing fun and interesting things with their kids…and that’s what I wanted SAHMing to me like. Not this daily grind of processing orders, staying up until 1:00 once or twice a week to work, developing in my son a deep dislike of the basement I’ve tried so hard to make fun for him. We are down here nearly every afternoon, all afternoon. 1-4:30. I mean, yikes, people. I hope to get caught up on orders and restocking before I close for July (which will be a miracle) and then spend July planning what 2009 will look like for Wallypop, for me.


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