Cedar Rapids and Chicago

Cedar Rapids - 2008 Flood

So, on Friday, we headed out to Chicago on 80, knowing that part of it was closed, but figuring we were better forging our own way than taking the congested detour route. We ended up heading north through Cedar Rapids, knowing it would be plenty slow, but that it would be slow for only a short time. Well, it took about 2 hours to get 4 miles. YIKES!

Cedar Rapids - 2008 Flood

But I snapped several pictures of the flooding while driving thru and posted them at Flickr.

Cedar Rapids - 2008 Flood

All told, it took us over 10 hours to get from Altoona to Chicago. Normally, it’s just over 5 hours. Yeah.

Driving back, it took about the same, and we took the Dubuque to 35 route. (Although we departed from the north side of Chicago, so took 90 to 20 instead of heading back south to 88 then back north to Dubuque.) About halfway, we heard they had opened 80 a few days earlier than planned. Thanks.

Happy Father's Day!

In between all that driving, we did a lot of walking, and I learned that pregnant women who have been thwarted in their walking efforts this spring by relentless rain should not attempt to put in a full day of walking Chicago streets. Wow, holy sore hips. And we also learned that former Chicago residents who have not had to remember Red Line stops for about 8 years should not attempt to do so without first consulting a map. And that most vacations, I’ve learned to just let go and not worry so much about planning. Planning is my nature, flying by the seat of your pants is Randy’s nature. But this time, knowing that a free trolly stopped less than a block from our hotel and would have taken us directly to the Beer Garden stage at Navy Pier where George Gee was playing would have been a good thing.

Penny's Noodle Shop

We visited the Lincoln Park Zoo, strolled along the lake, ate at Penny’s Noodle Shop (oh, my favorite) and Medici (home of the best pizza and chicken soup anywhere on God’s green earth), and danced to George Gee twice – once at Grant Park and once at Navy Pier. It was a great trip, except for the driving. And the getting lost.

George Gee at Grant Park

Us with George Gee

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