do you ever

do you ever read posts on blogs or comments on blogs or comments on message boards and as you read, your blood pressure just goes up and up and up and you want to scream and shake people and slap them a bit and say “what the hell is your problem, you can’t be serious about that!!” I’m there. Regarding parenting and always having to be the boss of children.

Funny because I was mulling this over earlier today. I let W wear whatever he wants. And if we’re home, even moreso. Not because it’s not worth arguing over, which it’s not, but mostly because there’s no reason that I have to be the boss of what he decides to wear. I mean, does it matter? If he were 18 and headed to a formal dinner wearing shorts and a T-shirt, I would probably intervene with some advice about what would generally be considered to be appropriate attire, but even then, I don’t think I’d really force him to change his clothes. Apparently, other parents think poorly of this particular parenting choice of mine. hm.

On another note, we went to the dentist yesterday and W has NO CAVITIES!!! YAY!!


5 responses to “do you ever

  1. I hate listening to people critique their children’s clothes. I only have one rule. The clothes have to be changed, no matter what, after two days.

  2. I let Liv pick her own clothes as well. She does pretty well in matching most the time. But I think there are too many things out of their control How do they learn that they can express themselves and trust themselves if we do it all for them. I scream at other parents all the time (in my head). My sister in law was getting a lot of it this weekend. I am totally for attachment parenting. She really has no style to speak of, expect the art of “let everyone else discipline my children”. Grr. I felt like a witch all weekend. But then better because, at least I wasn’t the only one. MIL was right there with me. So fun. Anyway, here’s to more people who parent instead of dictate, or in her case, don’t care!

  3. I can never understand why parents care whether their kids’ clothes match. I let David pick out anything that’s not grossly inappropriate for the weather. Who cares if his shirt and pants clash?

    Lately he has been in a phase of wanting to wear mismatched socks every day. Why would I interfere with that if he enjoys it?

    Congrats on the dentist appointment. Both my kids also had all-clear dental checkups recently. I was so nervous before taking them in, I felt like I was walking into a final exam in college.

  4. W’s thing lately is wearing the right sandal from one pair and the left sandal from the other pair. He thinks it’s SOOO funny. Who cares??

    I have confessed many times that before I had kids, I’d see kids like mine and wonder what on earth their parents were thinking…so I can understand this from nonparents. It’s the people who ARE parents I don’t get. (I’ve told Betsy so many times that I chuckle on the days we see them and Lelia has messy hair, because I totally get it now, but that used to be one of my pet peeves when I was a nonparent.)

  5. I can’t stand it when other people find it necessary to attempt to “fix” your child’s dressing situation. Liv will want her hair a certain way, or deliberately put her shoes on teh wrong feet (or recently wore a the sheer part of a dres over her head so she looked slightly hot pink Muslim) and certain (well meaning I am sure) people will come up and start undoing what she did. In front of me. As if I couldn’t have done that if I thought it were an issue.

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