General Apology

Dear fellow Target shoppers,

Let me apologize for what you had to witness yesterday afternoon while you were innocently trying to complete your errands at Target. And let me explain how it happened.

See, our family went to the chiro, dentist, and county admin building yesterday morning, and we were all fully dressed. Mid-day, my four-year-old sat down for some private time in the bathroom (well, OK, except I was required to sit there with him, so it wasn’t really private). Apparently, the child took off his pants without my noticing. What can I say, he takes after his father in that regard.

At any rate. My son owns one pair of boxer shorts, and he happened to be wearing them yesterday. He did put those back on after he was finished in the bathroom.

Now, I’m not known for my strong powers of observation. But, in my defense, we were not planning to leave the house that afternoon. See, my husband called, knowing I needed gas in my car, and suggested that the prices were going up, so perhaps I should get out to get gas while the getting was still good. So we hopped in the car and took off. I made sure my son was wearing shoes. Apparently, I just didn’t concern myself with the remainder of his attire.

Not wanting to waste a trip, we decided to complete our Target shopping while we were out. It was while I was putting W into the cart that I noticed that my son was not wearing any pants. Just boxer shorts. Nice. I asked the child where his pants were, and he looked down with feigned surprise and said “<gasp> where are my pants? I don’t know!” Later, he admitted that they were in the bathroom at home. Then he tried to tell me he was wearing pants, but I explained to him that was just his underwear.

Well, this delighted the youngster to no end. I feel confident we could have slipped through Target without too many people noticing that my son was wearing only underwear, despite the fact this his underwear completely clashed with this shirt, thus only drawing more attention. However, Wally insisted on asking, every few minutes, “Mommy, where are my pants?” or exclaiming, “I’m only wearing my underwear!”

Many of you unsuspecting Target customers then noticed us, the pregnant mom pushing her young underwear-clad son through Target as quickly as possible. You probably wondered how a person could let her child out of the house in such a state. Perhaps you looked at the shorts we had in our cart and wondered why they weren’t on his bottom. (They were $1.50 and 5T’s which should fit him next year – yay!)

So now you know. Now you know how I ended up at Target with Wally wearing only underwear and no pants. It won’t happen again.


5 responses to “General Apology

  1. This just makes me laugh!

    Way back in the 80’s it was a fashion fo a very short while for girls to wear boy’s boxers as shorts. Thankfully for me no one took pictures. 🙂

  2. And seriously, what was up with that fashion trend? Even i did it. At my school, it was the thing to wear thermal pants with boxers over them. WTH??

    And who really thought that made their butt look good? Boxers are NOT flattering on girls.

  3. Too funny. Liv’s new thing is to strip on her way to the bathroom. We were walking to the restrooms while camping and I would look over and, oh Liv has no pants on and we are still twenty feet out. Nice. Lol

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