More about Underwear

Just can’t talk about undies enough, can you?

While I was toting my underwear-clad youngster around Target, we zipped over to the underwear department to see if I could find any acceptable substitutes for my usual stretch cami that I wear instead of a bra. See, the stretch cami is getting stretched to its max over my belly and some days, it’s actually uncomfortable, and I know I won’t be able to wear them much longer without causing permanent damage (to the cami). Plus, I thought it’d be cooler to find something shorter. Well, we didn’t find anything (I limited myself to the clearance racks), but I DID find underwear in my size on 50% clearance. Yeah, baby.

So, after I wash these puppies up and make sure I love their fit, I’ll be going through my underwear drawer and tossing out all those pairs that are stretched out, losing elasticity, wearing holes, etc. This sounds silly, but I’m really excited.


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