And the rain rain rain came down down down in rushing, rising rivlets

So would you like an update on our yard and garden? I knew you would.

It’s rained and rained and rained and rained. Every time the yard gets dry enough to mow, it rains again. Or we’re out of town. So the yard hasn’t been mowed all month. Literally. The neighbors are all starting to talk. They all have their lawns mowed. But they are ALL people who do not work regular jobs. Teachers, retirees, and the guy to the south works landscaping for the city of Clive. All people who can mow any time of the day. Plus, there’s the added challenge that the battery on our mower seems to be having some issues and it will only mow for about 30 minutes before it gives up.

But this is starting to work in my favor. Randy is really seeing the benefits of a yard consisting mostly of creeping charlie and clover. Low-growing plants.

As much as this rain has been an annoyance with its constant insistence on coming for a visit in the basement, it has enabled us to break a long-standing record: our porch plants have lived longer than they ever have. Every year, I feel compelled to plant impatiens and um, those pretty leafy plants, whatever they’re called in little planters on our front porch. But, I never use the porch and so I’m never out there and so I never water. I mean, never. This year, two of the planters are suffering from Dead Plant Syndrome (they’re under more of an overhang), but the other planters look REALLY nice.

It’s also keeping my herb garden looking quite nice, and the back flower garden is coming along. I need to get out there and weed, but when it’s not raining, the swarming mosquitos keep me away. The long grass doesn’t help the mosquito problem at all.

Today (oddly enough, since it’s POURING and thundering), Haag tree service is here to remove the branch I wrote about back in November. It never blew down. They’re also going to take care of our giant brush pile (the accumulated remains of all the branches that have fallen down in the last 5 years) as well as another half dead branch hanging into the neighbor’s yard. Yay!

Now, you may wonder, why don’t I have pictures of any of this? Well, the lens on the camera broke (I can pull it into 2 pieces). We’ve already had it repaired once, and if we repair it again, we’ll have spent MORE than just buying a new lens, so we’re going to just buy a new lens. We’ll drop the old one off at the camera store for them to do with what they will. But until we get that done, all I have is the zoom lens, the lowest setting is 80 mm. So I have to stand about 10 feet away from whatever I want to take a picture of. It’s very awkward.


One response to “And the rain rain rain came down down down in rushing, rising rivlets

  1. I planted rosebushes this year and they’re getting off to a GREAT start thanks to all this rain! Thank goodness, because if it was up to me to give them as much water as they need in the first year, let’s just say their future would be a gamble.


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