It was a heart attack

But a small one. They did an angiogram and, despite my flashback-induced panic attacks that we’d face the same road we faced a few short months ago with my mother, they were able to fix his major blockage (in only one artery) with a stent. yay. no open-heart surgery. My MIL was rather panicked that they were calling it a heart attack, but I think we got her convinced that it really was OK. They’d need to change their diets, he’d need to take care to exercise daily, but after he recovers from this episode, he might find he actually feels better. I mean, he’s gone from an 80% blockage in an artery to 0 blockage in the artery. That means a lot more blood flow.

And this is way, way better than needing bypass surgery. I know bypass on an otherwise healthy man is markedly different from bypass on a brittle diabetic, but that’s rough surgery regardless of who you are.

Well, I’m  back to the cutting table. I’m finding that, at 6 months, I cannot stand up and cut fabric all day. Nonetheless, that is what I need to do, so that is what I am doing. I will be regretting this when I finally give in and go to bed. Hell, I regret it already.

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