Sunday Scribblings: My oldest friend

Today’s prompt is “My oldest friend”

I thought about this for a while. Who is my oldest friend?

I’d have to say Randy. I know people who are older (I mean, obviously), but if we’re going to go with “friend” in the sense of someone I talk to regularly and who is not a relative, Randy is my oldest friend.

Randy is my oldest friend, in the sense that the man is, let’s face it, old. (Kidding! But he is 41.) Randy is also my oldest friend, in the sense that I’ve known him longer than I’ve known anybody else I currently associate with on a regular basis who is not a relative.

Sometimes I’m struck by this fact, particularly when I’m with my sister and her friends, several of whom she was friends with in high school, and many of whom she’s known since college. Um, when I look around my social circle, I can only name one person who knew me when I was pregnant with Wally, and nobody who I knew before that time.

Sometimes I find that disturbing, but it makes sense. I am a completely different person now than I was 5 years ago. I mean, the basics of who I am have stayed the same. I still say inappropriate things in social situations, I still have sense of humor that few people understand, I’m still a book-a-holic, I still love to sew, and I’m still thrifty. But… five years ago, I worked full-time. I had work friends, but saw very few of them outside of work. I danced and worked with Swing Des Moines, but the organization was still at that time very much a two- or three-person gig. We had dance friends, but again, they were mostly people we just saw when dancing. Five years ago, I was more of a consumer than I am now, and though I cared about my health, I was definitely more of your standard American when it came to things like recycling, reusing, disposing, healthcare, toxins, etc.

Now look at me. I am a stay-at-home-mom. I own a business. I work with organizations that put me into regular contact with a fascinating segment of Iowa’s population that I never knew existed five years ago. (though I will also admit, this community didn’t really exist five years ago, either.) I’ve found my niche. Five years ago, I was working as a means to an end, without passion. These days, I’ve found my passion. Or, passions, as the case may be. And, as a result, I have found people with whom I actually have things in common. And I have real friends now. Granted, I’m very bad at remaining in contact with said friends, but fortunately, we all have blogs, right?

So, to get back to my oldest friend, there’s something special in knowing that my own husband is the person who I’ve known the longest. We have the most shared history out of anyone either of us knows. We have a longer past than anyone else in our lives. It’s kind of neat.


2 responses to “Sunday Scribblings: My oldest friend

  1. Wow. Got me thinking. Me too. My DH is my oldest friend too- though not on the age thing. He’s actually 2 years younger than me. Ha!

    I relate on the community thing too. In some ways I never would have imagined myself here….

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