My new car

My new car My new car

We bought a new car about 3 weeks ago. I have a post with the whole long story in my Drafts. I was waiting for a picture. Well, here it is. My new car. Sadly, this is not a joke. Happily, nobody I know was in the car when this happened.

We bought it in Omaha and drove it back there on Friday to have the accessories we wanted installed. (steps on the sides, roof rails, remote start) Even though we confirmed with them three times that they’d be able to complete it in one day, they called us while we were at the zoo on Friday afternoon to say that they weren’t going to be able to get it done, but they’d finish it on Saturday and drive it back to us on Monday.

Monday at 11:00, we got a call that the driver (who honestly must’ve been high) ran into a deer. On I-80. In broad daylight, on a clear day. I mean, you almost have to be TRYING to hit a deer in those conditions.

So they towed it back and we’re waiting for the damage estimate before they determine their course of action.

Their course of action? I can tell you what their course of action is.

1) Short term. I leave at the butt crack of dawn on Friday for my vacation. Camping. Driving on unmaintained roads. I require a car for this trip. Bigger than my loaner. With roof rails. They must provide me with said car. I will not pay for incidental damage to the car from driving on said unmaintained roads or from loading/unloading our camping stuff into the car/roof rack.

2) Long term. I require a new car, just like my old one. I will not accept the current car, repaired. It has suffered enough damage to be devalued. One of the reasons I bought a new car was because I really really needed a car that would be reliable and not suffer a lifetime of nagging mechanical problems, such as those a car that has suffered this much damage is likely to experience. The dealership will need to supply me with said car, complete the paperwork, and pay the sales tax. I will NOT be out any additional money from this fiasco. I will graciously throw in another trip to the Polk County Administration building to file paperwork.

THAT is the course of action, people. Don’t mess with me. I’m pregnant and I have prepaid legal.


One response to “My new car

  1. OH NOOOOOOOO! I’m so sorry to hear about this Sarah. Horrible. Terrible timing. Let me know if you need a ride to the Polk County building (or anywhere else for that matter).

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