and, yes, I feel like a horrible person. I have a good friend whose grandfather is dying and whose father in law is in a nursing home in what is likely to be a one-way trip and I’m so so glad that my problems are not of that magnitude that I feel silly getting so worked up over them. yet, worked up I am.


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  1. Don’t worry about it. Harold comes home tomorrow. Can you say not enough on my plate already? I am so happy he is doing better, but I have no time as it is and he really can do no more than go to the bathroom by himself.
    New car crashed and kidney stones definitely warrant being upset. Try not to notice (because it won’t be obvious as you walk back to a foreign to you vehicle) while you’re gone so you can enjoy your vacation. I am planning ours now-made possible by my mil who has graciously offered to live in our house for a week so we can go. Otherwise, I’d be stuck here making three meals a day and running someone to dialysis. Aaaah. Family.
    Oh, and I have decided we will never catch a break. That’s just the way it is. I foolishly thought things would start to lighten up and BAM-June and July (traditionally crappy months for us) hit. Trying to be happy as I hobble around on my injured knee-oh, yeah, I mysteriously twisted the daylights out of my knee and now need it realigned every other day and can’t really walk on it. Niiice. Thank you Mr. Murphy, you can leave now.

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