6 things meme

Um, MamaP challenged me to a meme. 6 things I haven’t written about, that you don’t know about me.

I mean, are there 6 things I haven’t written about that I nevertheless am willing to share?

1) I recently found out that my cousin and his wife are buying my grandparents’ acreage, and I’m thrilled! I was afraid the house and acreage would be sold to a stranger, and the thought of someone I didn’t know living in that house made me very sad.

2) I’m supposed to meditate and do affirmations every morning, according to my written-out Daily Plan. (Yes, I have a written-out daily plan.) I never do. Ever.

3) I’m disgusted by the thought of having an outie belly button, which it appears I might with this pregnancy.

4) I actually once wrote a letter to Christian Bale, right after Newsies came out. I was in LOVE him.

5) Sometimes I tell customers that I can’t take appointments on days when I really could, but just don’t want to, for no other reason than I don’t want to. Technically, it’s not lying, because don’t want to = unable to take an appointment, right?

6) Holy schmoly, I’m one boring person. My list is pathetic. Here’s one last one. I’m horrified by my inability to reconcile people in real life with their internet names. A gal called me today, mentioned that she was a friend of a friend, that she’d commented on my blog, and gave her name. I had NO IDEA who she was until she casually mentioned the name under which she blogs. Poof – of course. Another friend who I think still reads here named Jon…I can’t remember his screen name from the Parlor now, but it was YEARS that we were internet friends before I could remember his real name. Our good friends from Omaha – same way. We met online, and whenever Randy said “Billy” I was like “huh?” Yeah, nice. And then there’s another friend, who I knew in person first, and whenever she posts anywhere or sends an email, her screenname comes up and I can NEVER figure out who it is.

Hm. I’m not tagging anyone. Want to do this meme? Do it. Post a link in the comments.


One response to “6 things meme

  1. This is random, and there’s so many wonderful things in this blog that are insporing & lively…

    but I had to comment when I read”4) I actually once wrote a letter to Christian Bale, right after Newsies came out. I was in LOVE him.”

    It made me smile because that’s exactly what I did too 🙂

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