Healthy and Green Lawn and Garden Care

How’s your lawn and garden looking this year? Good? Bad? And how do you treat your lawn and garden? I’ve been browsing the internet lately for tips particularly relevant to Iowa yards on keeping our outdoor spaces looking good while keeping them (and us) healthy.

This publication from the ISU Extension talks about nonchemical alternatives to the “normal” chemicals used in lawns and gardens. I found it to be an excellent article, with a wide range of topics. It discusses how mowing tall helps your grass, and that it’s OK not to water when it gets hot. (Your lawn will go dormant and turn straw-colored, but it won’t die. No tips for dealing with grumpy neighbors, though.)

However, the publication also discusses ways to get rid of Creeping Charlie, which you all probably know is a common weed in Iowa lawns. I personally would encourage you to consider just letting the stuff grow. It’s hard to get rid of, because it’s very hardy. It grows low to the ground, is a nice green color, and has really pretty flowers in spring. Focus on management by pulling stray vines out of garden areas.


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