Moth Friend Moth Friend

We made new friends.

Madison Zoo Madison Zoo

We had to pose with every statue and painting at the zoo.

Madison Zoo Madison Zoo

We petted goats and rode the carousel.
Caterpillars Swimming

we played with caterpillars and made progress on our fear of swimming.

BeachKnitting at the Beach

we played on the beach.

Hiking in Wisconsin Hiking in Wisconsin Hiking in Wisconsin

We went hiking and Wally completed his first hike without being carried at all.

Playground Playground Playground

We visited a park when the mine we wanted to tour was flooded out.


Wally asked mommy and daddy to please help him get a drink, but all they did was watch, laugh, and take pictures as he squirted himself in the face again and again.

Blue Mounds cave Blue Mounds cave Blue Mounds cave

We visited a cave near Blue Mounds.

Home of the best cheese ever

We visited Carr Valley Cheese Factory. If I could get this kind of goat and sheep cheese locally, I’d be very happy. Goat Cheddar. Sheep Marisa (unique to them, a hard cheese that’s superb). Goat Cardona. Yum. Not just that same old Chevre cheese that you can get here. I like HARD cheese!!

Our Fortress. I mean Tent.

Our tent, fortress, whatever. The cylinder shaped thing is the vestibule, which is somewhat of a luxury, but also sooo nice when we’re out for a week or more. I keep a few collapsible baskets out there – for dirty clothes, toys, etc. – and we keep our kitchen box and cooler out there. Makes a nice, dry, sheltered entryway to the tent to keep the tent cleaner and dryer in inclement weather. Gives us a place to hang out when it’s rainy other than just in the tent. I love it. We bought it originally because it will allow you to hook two tents together. The plan was ultimately to purchase a secondary, smaller tent to attach to the other side of the vestibule so when our kids got old enough to want to be in their own tent, they’d still be nearby and close enough to come to us if they got scared or whatever.



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