A belated welcome to Juice readers

If you’ve wandered in here recently because of the Juice article, welcome! This blog is seriously random, but generally revolves around conservative politics, parenting, natural living, attachment parenting topics, homeschooling, crafting, business ownership, My Family Drives Me Insane (though much less of that now), pregnancy, homebirth, etc. Expect a detailed birth story in October or November. I talk about boobs sometimes. There’s a lot of rambling that’s really boring to read.

The article in Juice was great, I thought. Seriously, if you’ve thought about blogging, give it a shot!! My sister recently started a blog and has loved it. She posts once or twice a week, just stuff from her family or friends. No deep thoughts, no philosophical ramblings (which I am prone to), just life. She’s developed quite the readership, starting with just people she knew, then moving out from there. There’s something weird and wonderful about blogging.

If you’re just looking for more Des Moines-based blogs,I Des Moines is starting a list.


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