Our Messed-Up Food Chain

Cityview has an excellent article this week about the way we get our food in America. A few of my favorite quotes:

When future historians study those 35 years of cheap food, they will surely marvel that humans could have sustained a system that suspended the laws of logic. They will shake their heads at the labyrinthine creation that made it possible to grow garlic in inner China, harvest it, package it, ship it to California, truck it to Iowa and sell it for less than it costs an Iowa farmer to grow garlic and drive it to Des Moines.

The system that created our cheap food also stopped Iowa farmers from raising things for Iowa humans to eat.

Please note that the same article mentions several POSITIVE steps that Wal-mart is taking to improve the environment, including persuading suppliers to use smaller packaging and buying produce from local suppliers.


One response to “Our Messed-Up Food Chain

  1. I read this article, too, and kept it because i think there are so many points that the avreage American has no clue about. When I read aloud about the 4 cent corn flakes my mom and sister about freaked.

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