I’m glad I’m not odd

Just as I was getting ready to post here on my own blog, I read my friend TatooedMama’s post on her own blog about something randomly similar. Let me say that I’m glad I’m not alone.

Last night, we laid in our bed for a few hours trying to sleep despite the oppressive heat. Finally at 9:30 we all got up to take a dip in the pool to cool down before trying again. But we decided, hell, it was dark, and our suits were still wet from being in the pool earlier, and it’s nasty to put on a wet suit, right? So we just did it naked. Except I wore a camisole because I had no intentions of getting in up to my neck.

I thought nothing of it, other than making sure we were all covered for the walk from the door to the pool and back.

Getting out and back in the house, Randy commented that he didn’t know what our neighbors would think but we probably needed to be careful lest they call CPS or something, thinking it was bad to be in the swimming pool naked with your child.

I had to laugh, because none of us had any intentions of putting clothes on when we got back inside to get in bed. (Seriously. Overnight low of 76. It was still heat index in the 90s when we went to bed.) What would they think of THAT?

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