I’m wondering how this is possible. I did vacation laundry when we got back. I haven’t done laundry since. Two weeks. Two weeks, no laundry. The bags aren’t even full. (I sort laundry at the hamper – we have one for darks, one for lights, and one for towels. When one gets full, I wash it.)

Then it occurred to me. We’re not wearing clothes. Wally pretty much runs around naked at home, and when we leave, he’s been wearing the same outfit all week. It’s not getting dirty, so we keep putting it back on. I’ve been wearing a Tshirt with undies, same one every day, and changing into pretty much the same public-acceptable outfit when I go out. My husband doesn’t put his clothes in the hamper during the week, only on weekends. So that’s leaving us with very little laundry to do. Which is FINE with me.


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