Iowa State Fair

Today was our State Fair performance with Capitol City Swing. It was a lovely day, really, at least the morning and early afternoon were. Our performance went great, I danced more than I thought I’d be able to, but I nearly passed out afterwards (likely hunger, heat, and thirst). A rest in the shade and a lemonade perked me right up (seriously, that lemonade – cold, wet, and just the right amount of sugar), then lunch helped, as well.

We had promised Wally we’d see the animals, so we looked around the Avenue of Breeds for a while. Avoided the freakishly giant animals (giant bull, giant boar) because they’re more than a little disturbing. Headed to the Varied Industries building for our annual bucket of cookies, then left, as it was starting to get HOT.

Also avoided the Animal Learning Center this year. Last year (also pregnant), I could hardly stand to look at those poor pregnant animals in that noisy room, being stared at. Oh, poor things. That whole building just disturbs me.

So we didn’t look around much. Part of me doesn’t care, part of me misses that leisurely strolling through the food building and the ag building and the crafts and all that stuff. We used to get up early and head out for breakfast and see everything before 2, then head home for a while, and go back when it was cooler in the evening. But with a performance at noon, I didn’t want to waste my energy walking around before we had to dance.

I hauled the camera around with me all day, in the backpack, and managed to not take a single picture. Nice, eh?

After we got home, I plopped down in bed to check my email on the laptop. I haven’t gotten up since. It’s been about 3 hours. I am EXHAUSTED.

MamaP, friend and fellow blogger, entered some food items into the Fair this year, and I know several local CD moms were planning to make entries into the Decorated Diaper contest. I’ll tell you straight up – I always intend to enter things in the fair each year, and each year I don’t. I can’t ever remember to get that blessed book that walks you through all the various contests. And the one year I did remember, I then forgot about it until after the deadline. And I couldn’t find an appropriate category for the items I wanted to enter, anyway.

One year, I did enter a bunch of needlework and sewing, and won several ribbons (even some blue!) but few prizes. The next year, Randy and I both entered several food items (about 20) and some won, and some didn’t win. Some got disqualified because we had dropped them off at the fairgrounds FOUR days before the contest, not THREE, and they were too nervous to sample them for fear of food poisoning. (I mean, I don’t know how it works at your house, but at my house, four days in the fridge is NOTHING. If it ain’t growing stuff, we eat it.)

But it was SO much work.

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