Thoughts for today

It’s been so strange this pregnancy. This baby moves around. I mean, moves. the butt is currently near the right side of my belly button. Later, it’ll be on the left, then it’ll be waaaay to the right, etc. See, because of the car accident and my lack of chiropractic care afterwards (dumb), Wally never moved around. Literally. He never moved. He kicked and punched, but his butt was always in the same place. Always. (this was a problem in labor…)

I’m also noticing the minor complaints more this pregnancy, though I think it has more to do with my activity levels. With Wally, I was working out, and we were teaching east coast (fairly low impact) one night a week. That’s it. This time, I’m not working out (shame on me) but we’ve been rehearsing for an hour or so weekly, teaching lessons 1-2 nights a week (usually lindy, boogie woogie, or other more aerobic things), teaching privates, etc. I don’t think non-pregnant dancers, or pregnant non-dancers, can truly appreciate the effects of relaxin on the pelvic region. Turning causes me great discomfort in my pelvis, and it’s not like I can stop and rub it to make it feel better, you know? My feet usually cramp up, though the really painful foot cramps won’t for another month or so. That hurts, too. Bouncing is starting to pull on my belly. And it’s just plain so much work to haul myself, in rhythm, from one place to another. Randy’s already started commenting on how I just can’t go as fast as I used to, and he’s right. I really can’t.

I’m not meaning to complain. I find all this interesting from an academic standpoint, really. I was reading elsewhere last week, a pregnant dancer due about the same time I am, completely offended at the suggestion that it would take her a while to get back after the baby. Oh, lady. seriously. Unless you’re unlike every other pregnant woman I’ve ever known, it DOES take a while to get your groove back afterwards. The sleepiness, if nothing else, makes it really hard to jam out. Postpartum bleeding tends to cut into your dancing time, as well, lol.

Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever get back to dancing like I used to after this baby comes. Oddly, though, I don’t care that much. I am finally at a place where I can say, “hey, if it doesn’t happen, it’s OK.” The thought of not being able to dance much at Jive Junction, of not traveling to dance for a long number of years, etc., no longer depresses me. I’m ok with it. I think that’s a good thing.

I’m currently trying to recover from yesterday’s foray to the fair. I don’t know if it was the dancing on cement or the walking around afterwards or (more likely) both, but mid-back to knees is just a world of hurt, and there seems to be nothing I can do to make it feel better. Standing, laying, sitting, no position is comfortable. It’s making me nauseous, even. Fortunately, tomorrow is my chiro appointment.

I also discovered that I’ve definitely reached the point in pregnancy where laying flat on my back is not going to work. I was actually comfortable, laying on my back on the hardwood floor, legs up on the birth ball. Then everything started going dark and fuzzy. Yeah, that whole weight of the uterus on the vein thing.


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