Decreasing reliance on foreign oil

Alright. I’ve had it with news coverage, ads, political campaign statements, and everything else that talks about reducing our reliance on foreign oil in a way that implies that the only way America uses oil is in cars. Cars are a part of it, yes. But look at all the other ways we use oil:

  • crayons
  • cosmetics
  • plastics – EVERYTHING plastic, from disposable spoons to heart valves
  • disposable diapers
  • polyester fabric
  • tires
  • ammonia
  • fertilizer
  • detergent
  • wax
  • medicine
  • going back to plastic, think about the plastic used by the medical industry. IV tubing, syringes, etc.

I mean, look around your house. A while back, when I first undertook the project to reduce my family’s reliance on plastic, I realized how much of it is in my house. Fake wood? Plastic. Upholstery backing? Sometimes plastic.

It’s not just about driving. Modern life relies on oil. While finding alternative fuels is important, we need to be thinking about alternatives to oil in the millions of everyday items that currently rely on oil as an ingredient.


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