Why I like Shawn Johnson

She is an Iowan who is actually an Iowan.

You know, usually the Iowa press has to really really reach to find that Iowa connection. “This olympic athlete’s great grandmother once had a layover at the Des Moines airport!” You know, that kind of stuff. Or, athletes are from Iowa, but moved away at some point, whether during childhood or to pursue training.

Shawn Johnson lives here. She goes to school here. She trains here. That’s awesome. I love seeing “Hometown: West Des Moines, Iowa” under her name.

I wish like crazy that she could have won the gold in the all-around. I think she should have/could have. I think the scoring has been a little wonky on the gymnastics the whole time, but I’m hardly an expert on the subject. I hope Shawn wins a gold in the individual event competitions.

PS, no way all those Chinese athletes are 16 or older.

And, ps, we’re looking into martial arts for W for the fall. I had been planning on gymnastics, at Chow’s, and didn’t realize until recently that that was where Shawn Johnson trains. And I know full well that every little girl in town is going to be starting gymnastics there in the fall, so, well, we’ll move on to plan b…

And, while we’re talking Olympics, am I the only one who hears “Oh Canada” in the tune they play while they’re presenting medals??


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