True Confessions

So, here is where I fess up. Lately I have been eating convenience foods for lunch.


It’s the summer problem. I can’t make anything in the oven, because it heats up the house unbearably. At lunch, I rarely want to cook over the stove, same reason. I mean, scrambling up some eggs quick or making noodles, fine. But actual cooking, no. (honestly, we’re more likely to make the chinese soak-in-hot-water, no-cooking-required noodles, though.)

So I have not been getting enough protein during the day.

Breakfast, I’m good. Eggs, hard-boiled eggs (made early in the day or late at night), malt-o-meal, cereal with rice or almond milk, peanut butter on toast, etc. Mid-morning snack, I’m good. cheese or yogurt with fruit.

Lunch, not so much. Unless there are leftovers that seem appetizing (in other words, not hamburgers, which are great hot off the grill, but not so great the next day), I’ve been pretty much at a loss. So I’ve resorted to Stir-Fry-In-A-Bag (cookable in the microwave, which I hate doing, but is a compromise I’ve reached with myself during the summer), organic pot pies, etc. And the usual standby sandwiches.

Wally is not so hard. He will eat grilled chicken day after day after day without complaint. Or turkey. Or ham. Add some noodles or mashed potatoes and he’s in heaven.

By dinner, we’re fine again. Either it’s cooled enough to actually fix a meal complete with veggies and protein (we eat around 8), or we cook everything on the grill, or we eat salad with cold chicken or beef if we happen to have some on hand, or it’s too hot to consider cooking and we go eat somewhere else.

But lunch has been so hard for me. I hate eating pre-made meals that I nuke, but before that, I was just skipping lunch, and then an hour later, I’d be starving, and I’d grab whatever I could find, which was usually not good. Or I’d just eat a bowl of fruit. Which is good (and I crave fresh cold fruit these days) but lacking in protein.


3 responses to “True Confessions

  1. I’ll bring lunch tomorrow. I made massive amounts of curry on Sunday for a family gathering, so I’ve got and rice and fruit. 😉

  2. You know, I used to count cheese and milk to my protein totals. Also, I’d double serve myself meat at dinner. I also ate bacon or sausage everyday for breakfast. Interesting thing, a portion of meat is like 3 ounces……3 ounces! That’s nothing! A typical “serving” is 6-8 ounces or MORE! So I was actually getting like 85 grams of protein with just dinner meat! I was totally stressed out about it until I started weighing my food to better calculate protein/serving/portion totals.

  3. I count dairy, as well, but I don’t consume much. The cheese or yogurt snack every other day or so is about it.

    I’m really, truly not eating enough protein.

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