Patriotism and the Olympics

So some woman just called into the radio complaining about our athletes not singing the national anthem when they win gold medals. She thought they were just so stupid they didn’t know the words.

Ok, seriously, lady.

I personally have been thrilled that I’ve not yet seen an athlete fail to put hand to heart at the anthem (something that has bothered me in years past). I don’t care if they don’t sing. You’re not required to sing.

And I have to think, if it’s me up there, getting a GOLD medal, at the Olympics, listening to MY national anthem… I’m probably not singing, either. And if I tried to sing, I’d probably forget the words. Think about the emotions. Think about all those athletes who cry listening to the anthem, or who try not to cry. Think about, when you’re trying to keep your emotions in check, what trying to speak or sing does. It’s great if they sing. But geez, I’m not going to judge them for not singing.

Plus, Kobe Bryant scores a point with me for his pro-USA comments.


One response to “Patriotism and the Olympics

  1. Yes, THAT’S so ridiculous. Gee, it’s the biggest moment of my life and a camera beaming my image all over the world is directly in my face — the last thing I want to do is to try to remember (much less SING) the words to one of the most difficult anthems in the world. Yeah right lady, you try that.

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