Old To Do List, updated

Well a few things have gotten done from THIS list. Of course I have a whole NEW list. Tonight: Elastic on medium pockets. Clean off desk in office (done). (Not my office, it’s clean. The family office.) Do another shelf in tool room (done) (aka, the room where we throw things we don’t want to deal with, that also holds tools and the shop vac).

Dumpster day is Saturday and I’m determined to get as much of the tool room done as I can. The idea of being able to throw away as much as I want without paying extra is very appealing. I AM making a box of “useful for someone else, not for me” things to Freecycle. And a box of things to go to Good will. But the tool room is really full of just crap. Small things that came from the hardware store that I can’t identify. Chargers to items we no longer own. Things we were keeping just in case we needed them. Truly, I believe that if I suddenly, after 11 years of marriage in which we have never needed a hook we can screw into the ceiling, find that I need a ceiling hook, I can just go buy one. Honestly, though. I’d be afraid we’d put in one little hook and all the plaster in the whole room would fall off. And drywall anchors? Hello? Do I own drywall? (The truth is, yes, we have a few pieces, mostly ceiling in the basement, and one piece that was inexplicably screwed into the wall behind our sink. I’m afraid of that one, but also pretty sure I won’t be anchoring anything into it.)

1. Stop posting on my blog at 1:30 AM. DONE!

2. Make myself three new carriers – a new Mei Tai, a narrow-blanket Podegi, and what people are calling an Obi wrap, though it’s really not an Obi at all. (THIS is what I’m talking about. oddly, until I started looking for pics, I didn’t realize beco made “obi” carriers and is probably where the IMO misuse of the term started. An obi is, of course, the sash worn with a kimono, and Obis ARE used to carry babies in a fashion similar to a wrap. Technically, this new type of carrier is similar to an Obi, but it seems needlessly confusing to call it an Obi when it’s not really an Obi. I just don’t like when people decide to use old words in a new way. Like gay, for example. This is interesting, though, because I had thought about adding this style of carrier if I liked it, but now I’m not sure, since I don’t want to copy Beco.)

3. Decide if I’m really going to make new bedroom curtains this year.

4. Get fabric for new shower curtain.

5. Purchase all needed baby supplies.

6. Decide if I’m going to buy an inflatable pool or rent the one from Tubworks. DONE!

7. Get the insurance papers to my insurance provider.

8. Call the printers.

9. Develop my 2009 Mt Timp Training Plan.

10. Update SDM website/Facebook.

11. Write script for fair and for Monday.

12. set up pool. DOBE


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