Sarah Palin

Alright, so our internet has been out since Thursday. I had several posts in draft mode about potential VP picks, but they’re all pretty pointless now.

But one of them did say something I had also said to a few people who can act as witnesses – that Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska, was one of the few people McCain could choose for VP who would cause me to actually consider voting for him. (that was consider voting for him. no promises.) Most of the people to whom I said this had no idea who she was.

It went on to say that I was so disappointed because, though I’d heard her name mentioned a few times early on, I hadn’t heard anything about her recently, and I wasn’t too impressed with the names that were being mentioned.

When Randy called me to see if I’d heard, he hadn’t really heard much about Sarah Palin, other than that I liked her, and he had no idea why.

So, I am super happy with McCain’s VP pick. That said, I know relatively little about her, and I haven’t fully considered if she brings enough strengths to the ticket to outweigh McCain’s drawbacks. And she’s got her own drawbacks, as everyone does.

Let me tell you why I like her:

– pro-life. I will state clearly, though, that the abortion beliefs of a president or VP are not super important to me from a political standpoint. They can do little about it, and I care more about their views on the Constitution than I do about their views on abortion. That said, from a personal standpoint, I am more likely to like a candidate as a person if they are pro-life. And actually pro-life, not just pretend pro-life.

– beautiful without being superficial.

– pretty and also outdoorsey – hunting, fishing, etc. Girls can do that stuff, too, and they don’t have to be built like Mack Trucks to do so.

– She’s a mom.

– She thinks Alaska really ought to be upholding the whole reason it became a state – to provide the US with oil.

– She thinks that polar bear thing is BS.

– Record of standing up to corruption.

– Very conservative.

– I really really wish she were a homebirthing breastfeeder. For personal reasons. I have read conflicting information about whether she is a breastfeeder. I’ve read that she wears her baby, and that she plans to homeschool. I’m not sure if these are true.

UPDATE: here is a link talking about her pumping.  Here is a picture of her wearing Trig in a pouch sling.

Now let me give you my opinions on a few of the criticisms that have been lobbed at her.

1. Should a mom with young children really be VP?

This one pisses me off on one level. Carter and Kennedy both had young children when they were running for President – did anyone challenge their candidacy on the basis that they were parents of young children? No. Why? Because they were men.

Additionally, our society (particularly women’s lib organizations that are most strongly associated with the left, politically) has been telling women for years to pursue careers, they can have it all, children do better in daycare than at home with parents, etc. Now, because it serves a purpose, we’re going to villify a working mom.

But, see, at the same time, this is definintely something I agree with on some level. I wish all women would stay at home to raise their young children. But they don’t. Some women work. And that doesn’t make them bad moms (see previous posts on my thoughts re: working moms and stay at home moms). It makes them moms who also want a career. I’d love it if all moms were stay at home moms, but they’re not. Even if Sarah Palin does not become VP, she will not stop being a working mom.

2. Her daughter is pregnant, she’s a bad person. More on this later. I’m tired.


6 responses to “Sarah Palin

  1. Let me add – the only criticisms I’ve seem of Sarah Palin so far seem to be partisan dislike. Which is fine, people are welcome to not like her personally. But I haven’t seen much in the way of criticisms that actually amount to much.

    I’m sure that there are some and they’ll come out over the next several weeks. Just that, so far, she seems to be passing.

  2. I beg to differ. She is embedded in numerous unjust firing scandals in her short 20 months in office as governor of a state that has more reindeer than people. She is also essentially abandoning her children when they are in times of great need to pursue her own career ambitions. I agree it is a great opportunity for her, but the timing is awful for her family. She has a newborn with downs syndrome. This child needs huge amounts of attention and support. The most critical period of development is the next four years, even more critical because the child has downs. Not to mention, her pregnant teen daughter who is also going to have a HUGE wake up call here in the next few months and need her family’s support the next four years. For someone running on a family values ticket, she doesn’t seem to walk the walk.

    And I’m a republican with long standing family ties to the McCain camp. I hope he wakes up and realizes that pandering to women was not the way to go. Palin has potential, but she is not ready.

  3. I guess I just tend to believe that people are best able to assess their own situations and decide what is best for their own families. Plenty of parents make decisions I would not make and, in fact, disagree with. But I tend to assume that people know what is best for their own families.

    Sarah Palin is an adult perfectly capable of turning down this opportunity if she and her husband decided it was not what was best for their family. I am not going to stand here on the outside and decide that she should be at home with her family instead of VP. (Because, frankly, she still would NOT be home with her family. She’d still be governor. Which is a job that keeps one pretty busy.)

    I need to do more reading about the “embedded in numerous unjust firing scandals” bit, but the “she should be home with her family” argument does not hold water with me, no matter who it’s coming from. Because she’s a grownup.

  4. I agree with Sarah. I also know that playing the pregnant daughter card is also weak. My mother was pregnant with me at 17 and managed pretty well. We do not know the girl’s maturity level. The reindeer comment is a little quacky also. Who cares? I am sure there are more opossums than there are people in Iowa (because I personally reduce that number on a regular basis driving home late at night on our rural road) but that does not make Chet Culver any more or less appropriate for the job. If McCain chose Palin for the women’s vote, so be it. You chose who you vote for, and if that turns you off, then go a different route. The choice has made me reconsider my “there is no one to vote for” stand, though anyone who is serious about making an honest decision will be intelligent enough to see all the facts before voting, no matter who is chosen as VP. All I have seen so far are low blows to the woman, anyhow. The firing thing is not yet substantiated from what I have seen in the press, though they are the last ones to trust, I know. And if so, that seems less important than some of the other values that I look for in voting for anyone.

  5. You are incorrect to say that the criticism of Palin is all personal. She has zero foreign policy experience. She is under investigation for abusing the power of her office to get a state trooper fired. As mayor, she fired the police chief for no reason and asked the city librarian to censor books. She lied about not supporting the Bridge to Nowhere (when in fact she supported that and hired a big lobbyist to get earmarks for her small town). She and her husband once belonged to a secessionist political party. I could go on, but you get my point.

    I don’t care about her daughter being pregnant. I do wonder about Palin traveling to Texas in the eighth month of a high-risk pregnancy–there are a lot of weird things about that.

  6. I didn’t say the criticism was all personal. I can see how it would have come across that way. The stuff I had seen at that point was all basically “I just don’t like her because she’s a republican.”

    I dont mind the foreign policy experience angle. She’s not much further behind than Obama in that arena, and she’s only running for VP, not Pres. McCain, though I’m not a huge fan, has got plenty of foreign policy experience.

    I’ve read a lot about that state trooper thing and am OK with it. You would be hard-pressed to find a political person who has NOT been involved in some controversy. Obama and whatshisface certainly have their share of scandals. And much worse than trying to get a trooper fired during a messy divorce.

    She did not ask the librarian to censor books. From what I’ve read, citizens of the town did not want their tax money spent on books they found to be objectionable. I think THAT is fine. A city library is paid for by residents of the city and they ought to have some say over what their money is spent on.

    I believe she addressed the Bridge to Nowhere thing last night, though I was making myself a snack and lost a bit of the speech between the bedroom and the kitchen (the kitchen radio is about a minute behind the TV in the bedroom).

    The secessionist political party, actually, makes me kind of laugh. Then again, I’ve said numerous times (I think on here, even, though I try to avoid the subject lest I have to defend myself on racist grounds) that I think the South was in the right during the Civil War. (NOT about blacks being subhuman or slavery being right. But about it being a states rights issue, and about secession being OK.) My understanding of the Constitution leads me to believe that states wishing to no longer be in the union have that right.

    At the same time, Sarah Palin was never a member of that party; her husband was.

    I’m not going to act like I know what Alaskans are like just because I know several. I know several, but it’s a very very small percent of the population. The family I know the best are a very independent bunch, and feel rather disconnected from the rest of the Union. They are Americans, but it’s apparently a vastly different experience living so far away from the rest of the country. I have no idea what their thoughts are on Alaskan independence, but they said several times that they don’t really feel that they are part of the rest of us. So it doesn’t surprise me to learn that the biggest third party in Alaska holds a favorable view of Alaskan independence. (Hell, they wouldn’t have to deal with the federal government telling them they can’t drill their oil because of a few moose.)

    Frankly, reading the platform of that party ( it seems very reasonable.

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