So I really need to get more structured on this. Or at least, I feel like I need to. But Wally’s made great strides in his educational achievements over the summer when we haven’t been doing much formal, thus validating that unschooling is going to be OK. I personally would feel better, though, if I had some sort of schedule, including regular time with other homeschool families. Problem: the other homeschooling moms I know with kids W’s age go to Park Day on the south side, and that’s such a drive for us and honestly I don’t think I’d go very regularly because of that reason. We’ll see, I guess.

I’ve decided against gymnastics (really, it’s the whole Shawn Johnson thing, I think the classes will be really crowded) but maybe martial arts. I found a great class in WDM taught by a guy I trust, but they’re only in the evenings…and I don’t see that happening, either. We’ll see. I won’t enroll him in anything until winter, so I’ve got some time.

I’m thinking that our plan will be 2-3 times a week, probably Monday and Wednesday with the occasional Friday, after breakfast, for however long he retains interest.

Wally really likes going to Homeschool. He loves workbooks and worksheets. He loves working on letters. Today, he was practicing writing the letters on his chalkboard while I worked a bit, and he’d ask me for help on a few of them, but that was entirely his idea, which was fun.

Anyway, I think we’ll start next week with the always Monday morning and Wednesday morning. This week is all crazy but next week should be better.


2 responses to “Preschool

  1. I forget if I mentioned it in my blog, but I am trying to find tennis classes for Liv come spring…I thought about gymnastics, but all the close classes are huge and leave something to be desired in teaching skills. On the rest of the hs note, we are in the same boat as far as just cracking down, but so far pretty good. We may try swimming in Altoona on Thursdays through the winter. That isn’t too far with the freeway. Otherwise, maybe we could get a group together on a Tues or Thurs (’cause I’m already in town…hrumph) for stuff-library room to do crafty things or just run around like the crazy kids they are.

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