Random thoughts, most related to pregnancy

1. Birth ball. I hate it. It’s so uncomfortable. I keep sitting on it, expecting to be comfortable since so many women talk about how wonderful it is while pregnant. It’s horrible. It makes my back hurt. I’ve even asked Dr. Heather (our chiro) about how to sit on it properly, and I’m doing exactly what she suggests, and it still hurts. ick.

2. Apparently chiro care received regularly in pregnancy reduces labor by 25% for a first baby, 39% for a second. Considering that second babies already generally come faster than first babies, and also that I’ll be at home and hopefully more relaxed, I’m expecting this baby to pretty much come flying out.

3. If you see me, “oh, you’re so little” is NOT a good thing to say. I’m not feeling huge or anything, that’s not what I’m saying, I’m just saying “You’re so little” is, well, particularly appropriate.


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