Sarah Palin

OK, I’ll admit it. I just plain like her. End of story.

This is NOT a reason to vote for somebody (Obama fans, take note!). But I just like her. She’s a woman involved in politics who I can actually identify with. I like Condi Rice, too, but not in the same way. Condi Rice has my respect, I guess. Sarah Palin – I just like her. I’d like to sit down and share a cup of coffee with her.


One response to “Sarah Palin

  1. I like her, too. Especially after watching her speech. Now I’m really conflicted. I am not crazy about either party’s candidate and was seriously considering voting for a third party candidate, but now I just don’t know.

    BTW, what is with everyone pouncing on her being VP candidate just because she has kids and 1 is special needs? I wonder if her husband will be a stay at home dad/work at home dad if McCain is elected.

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