Stuff To Do – updated.

Here’s my new Stuff To Do list. Ideally, this all gets done in September.

1. Remove paint from hideously ugly, but free, dresser we found in IL’s basement.
2. Stain and finish dresser.
3. Move dresser into Wally’s room and clean and organize it. (I have not so much as picked up a single toy in that room since we brought the dresser home, deciding to instead just ignore how messy the room is until we get the dresser done.) This room will now house two children plus a queen size bed that does little other than sit there unused.

4. Get out baby stuff, wash it, and put it in the dresser.

5. Finish cleaning and sorting and organizing tool room. This will be accomplished by doing a little each day, about 30-60 minutes daily. Should take about 2 weeks.

6. Give away couch from sunroom. (Anyone want a brown hide-a-bed?)
7. Assemble Brand! New! Awesome! Storage! System! in Sunroom and move Homeschool supplies into it.
8. Give away ugly cabinet from Dining Room. (Anyone want a small ugly cabinet?)

9. Finish all MTO orders.
10. Have testers test out upsized baby shoe pattern.
11. Assemble numerous baby shoes for Craft Saturday.
12. Restock doll diapers.
13. Restock MT carriers.

14. Try out Batik techniques
15. Make more tie dye and batik things
16. Applique and Embroider them.

17. Finish diluting colarants
18. Make Kids soaps for Christmas
19. Finish adult soaps for Christmas
20. Knit washcloths for Christmas
21. Sew various items for Christmas

And in October…

1. Make myself three new carriers – a new Mei Tai, a narrow-blanket Podegi, and what people are calling an Obi wrap, though it’s really not an Obi at all.

2. Decide if I’m really going to make new bedroom curtains this year.

3. Get fabric for new shower curtain.

4. Purchase all needed baby supplies. (um, diaper pail!!)

5. Develop my 2009 Mt Timp Training Plan.


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