I’ve had some time to look into “Trooper-gate.” OK, if this is the worst the left can come up with on Sarah Palin, well, good for Sarah Palin.

Sarah and her husband initiated an investigation well before she started campaigning for governor. The trooper seems to be not a good guy. A report on him (written by higher-up troopers) cites him for unacceptable and at times illegal activity over a period of time. Suspended by the higher-ups. Suspension was protested by the union. The trooper in question was given notice that further occurrance will not be tolerated and would result in termination. He was cited for the following things:

– used taser on stepson

– illegally shot a moose

– drinking a beer in his patrol car

– threatened life of father in law during divorce (that would be Sarah Palin’s dad)

– seven written warnings – negligent damage to vehicle, unsafe driving, speeding tickets. (and you know that it’s got to be bad for a trooper to get a ticket. those guys don’t ticket each other.)

And the guy who was fired says that he felt pressure from Sarah Palin and her staff to fire the trooper. “But he maintained that Palin, members of her administration and her husband, Todd Palin, raised the issue about Wooten’s employment numerous times.” (from the article linked below)  Well, gee, I wonder why??

I found an article here that’s not overly leftist. I mean, I guess we wait for the investigation to be completed, but truly, this seems like a lot of huffing over nothing.

(thought this was interesting, too. “This investigation into Monegan’s dismissal has more than its share of subplots as well. The probe into Palin’s involvement if any was ordered by a Republican-dominated state legislative council that includes one of the lawmakers under a federal bribery indictment. And Branchflower, the investigator, is a former Anchorage prosecutor whose wife used to work for Monegan at the Anchorage Police Department.”)

I’ll spend my next chunk of computer time looking into the library thing, because it seems that what I thought I remembered reading about it is apparently completely not accurate. Not just wrong, but apparently totally made up. I don’t know where I got that from.

ps. this is one of the reasons I’ll never go into politics. I have things in my past that are fairly innocuous, but could, with fuel added by the appropriate scorned individuals, seem really super bad. who doesn’t?


2 responses to “Scandal!

  1. Palin denies accepting $150K in designer clothes Associated Press Friday, October 24th, 2008 “Sarah Palin says much of the fuss over the $150,000 worth of designer clothes, hairstyling and accessories the Republican Party bought her is being generated by her gender.She tells the Chicago Tribune a double standard exists. She also says the clothes aren’t worth $150,000 and were bought for the Republican National Convention. Palin says, in fact, most of the clothes have never left the campaign plane and that the whole story isn’t being told.John McCain was asked about the purchases several times on Thursday. Time and again he maintained they were bought because Palin needed clothes, and that they’d be donated to charity after the election.” “The clothes are a complete NON-ISSUE. Without the clothes, Palin would have been ridiculed for dressing like a country bumpkin, with the clothes, she is ridiculed for spending a lot of money.” More mere hypocristy clearly by the Democrats But the vast US media coverage over her clothes has been much appreciated, it again, continually keeps Sarah Palin in the media spotlight and with the voters. Obama himself would love to have that much free media coverage.. maybe he should get some donated clothes next?

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