IRLC Book Sale

How much do I love books? Oh, so much. Cheap, used books? Oh, yeah. Cheap, used books whose sale benefits the Iowa Right to Life Committee, crisis pregnancy centers, and pro-life education? Super great.

I love buying cheap used books without contributing to the killing of babies, you know?

This year, so far, I’ve only spent $40 there. Not bad for me. We’ll go back on Saturday as a family, as well.

One thing I’ve noticed is that i have a serious weakness for old school-y books. Like textbooks from the 60s, or educational-type books from the 50s. Sadly, if I had my way, I’d probably educate my children solely out of old textbooks. And that would be bad, really. I mean, math would probably be OK, because math has not changed, but science and history and stuff like that? Well, history hasn’t changed, per se, but there’s definitely been more of it since the 60s.

Anyway, I picked up about four more 1960s era textbooks.

Several children’s books with lots of pictures to cut up and use in various crafts. (I can’t cut up OUR books, but knowing I bought books specifically for the purpose of cutting them up for pictures makes it ok.)

A few parenting books.

There were NO Dr. Sears books on this trip. The IRLC sale is usually good for at least a few copies of The Baby Book (which I always buy and give to people).

In semi-related news, I’ve decided I need to clear out my Goodreads account and start over. I sorted thru my books several months ago and got rid of a lot of them, and didn’t remove them from Goodreads, and now I don’t know what I do and do not actually own. It’s all a big mess.


5 responses to “IRLC Book Sale

  1. Not that it probably matters to you, but the Planned Parenthood of Greater Iowa book sale supports only the education programs of PPGI. About 99 percent of PPGI services are not abortion-related.

    If they were not providing contraception at low cost or no cost to so many thousands of women, there would be even more abortions.

  2. My best friend from college went on to get a doctorate in math education.

    Math may not have changed, but we have learned a lot about more effective methods of teaching math since the 1960s. So I would steer clear of those old textbooks except for their comedy value.

  3. Forgot to mention that I buy the Dr. Sears books at the PPGI book sale to give to people (or as duplicate copies for the API lending library).

    I do not go so far as to buy the bad parenting books and throw them away. An animal-loving friend of mine buys the bad dog-training books so they don’t fall into the wrong hands!

  4. You know, one year, I actually considered buying the bad parenting books to throw away or recycle. But I eventually decided that 1) I just don’t have enough money to rid the world of the Ezzos and 2) If someone wants to buy those types of books, I’d rather they be able to buy them secondhand, so that more books need not be published and the authors do not receive even more money for their lies.

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