Women’s Pay

Last week, there was a big story geting play on the radio about a new study in Iowa about women’s pay and men’s pay, and that women often work part-time jobs, etc. And then what we should do about it – namely, increase the child care subsidy.

Yeah, well, I disagree with that, and the whole premise. You know, what? I was included in that survery, because I was working part-time at JoAnn’s for part of the year. At my option, I worked very few hours at minimum wage. It was a low-paying job. A part-time job. One I chose. Like many women. Every woman there, with few exceptions, was working part-time for minimum wage. The full-timers were not making much more. By and large, they were women with small children at home, just working a few hours to pay some bills, or they were older women who didn’t want an office job, who liked crafts, and who chose a retail (aka low paying) job because it appealed to them.

THIS IS NOT A PROBLEM. This is certainly not a problem that requires government intervention.

I’ve talked about this before, but I don’t buy that women get paid so much less for equal work/experience/etc. Numerous studies have shown that, when you really equalize things, women make the same as men. Where women start to fall behind is when they make decisions that place family above career. (And women who do not make these decisions get criticized. Example: Sarah Palin.) They take a few years out of the workforce to care for young children. They turn down promotions because it will interfere with family life. They take positions that are less demanding or that require fewer hours. It’s not really fair to expect that these women, when they’re ready to return their focus to their careers, will receive the same pay as a man who has not made these choices.

Women also tend to take jobs and choose careers that are different from those that men choose. And, yes, they are traditionally lower-paying. But was it a big shocker to these women when they chose that field? Shouldn’t have been. (Teaching, lower levels of nursing, retail, data entry, office assistant type jobs, etc.) So should it be a shocker to anyone else that women, when you just look at averages, make less? NO!!

And this interesting tidbit from my (internet) friend Jon, posted to his Facebook. “The average amount a woman makes campaigning for Obama $0.77 for every dollar a man makes. In McCain’s organization? $1.04”



One response to “Women’s Pay

  1. Oh but the unshaven, man hating hordes of baby killing feminists will cry unto the heavens above that the government must supply such special subsidies and force corporations into accommodations with women who want family and career with no costs to either or to themselves.


    Yeah, special subsidies and special gender based laws are such integral part of equality of the sexes.

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