Ozzie and Harriet part two

So the second half of my beef with the world is this:

Qwest called yesterday to talk to Randy about our Swing Des Moines listing in the yellow pages. To Randy. Why? I have no idea. I am President of the organization. I called to investigate options and prices. I set up the account, signed the agreement for the listing. I’m the only one who’s ever talked to them about our listing. I’ve paid all the bills. Technically, I’m the only one who can sign a contract. But they wanted to talk to Randy.

Kinkos, which I hate but feel forced to use anyway because it’s the most convenient option damn them, I’m the only one who’s ever uploaded documents to be printed. Randy would not even know where to go. Most of my uploading is for Wallypop. I pay with my Wallypop credit card (in my name, obviously). Bill to and Ship to, when I upload, are both my name and my business name and my cell phone number. When I go to pick up my order, it will be filed under Reid, Randy. We almost got into a fistfight (OK, not really) over the issue one day, because they insisted they did NOT have my documents, which I needed for an event later that day. FInally they said they had documents for a Randy Reid, could those be mine? Um, they could, but you’re an idiot.

Seriously, though. How Kinkos is even aware that I have a husband, let alone what his name is, is beyond me.


5 responses to “Ozzie and Harriet part two

  1. Has Randy ever ordered stuff from there? Do they have your account listed under a phone number maybe?

    That kind of stuff rarely happens to me. Is it because Brendan & I have different last names? Maybe it’s because I opened all the utility accounts myself (tranferred from the old house where I lived by myself.) Hmmmm.

  2. Happens/ed to me ALL the FREAKING TIME. Drives me nuts. Husband and wife USED to have joint privilages, but now because of separation, divorce, and scam they assume you are scamming them.

    Our house ended up in only DH’s name even though I am on the loan documents. I tried to fix it but guess what? Right. Gah.

  3. Oh, man, our house is in both our names, but the MORTGAGE is in Randy’s name. I was not working when we refinanced, and we were refinancing thru his employer, and it was easier for him to just take care of it. But it’s a hassle now.

    His car is in my name (he was unemployed when we got that one and I was working) and my car is in his name (it just seemed fair), which is good for a chuckle every now and again.

    Lisa – I have no idea on the Kinkos thing. It could be the phone number – Verizon screwed up several years ago and switched our phone numbers, so my cell phone is techincally his account, and his cell phone is technically my account. Fortunately, THEY do not care. But it could be the phone number thing. He’s never, ever ordered anything from them. Ever. I don’t think he’s even gone in to do self-service copies.

    My guess is since you have different last names, and the bills are in your name, that’s why you’ve never run into that. Randy was, obviously, older than I when we got married. Coming directly from college, I did not have any utility accounts in my own name, and he already had everything set up, and I moved in with him, so I understand the utility thing.

    Kinkos remains a mystery.

  4. Matt had an idea on the kinkos thing. What is the name on your computer? For example any document I write is authored by Jen Schnippert in the file properties. Maybe if Randy’s name is associated with the computer it puts the files under his name? Far stretch but it is a possibility.

    I completely understand your frustration. It is not something we run into too often but it does happen. However, I HATE making all the business phone calls. I will if I have to but usually Matt does that kind of stuff.

    When I had Liisi, Matt and I were insured separately from each other but through the same company. They were plans for students so we each had our own. Well our insurance company messed everything up repeatedly and we had to refile claims all the time. It was so frustrating and went on for 18 months or so. Well I got so sick of dealing with the stupid idiots that Matt would call and even though they had a consent form in their records (which I sent them at least 3 times!), they still wouldn’t let Matt talk to them unless I got on the phone every single time to give them permission! I hate them. I don’t really hate a lot of things or people and am generally pretty forgiving but OMG I cannot stand those people!

  5. Nope, my computer is solely mine (both of my computers, because we have a sickness around here involving too many computers). My desktop is mine with my name and my business name, and my laptop is mine with just my name, no business name.

    It is truly a mystery and the Kinkos people have not been able to shed any light on it, nor have they been inclined to fix it. Of course, our Kinkos people (our “coworkers” according to their signs), couldn’t shed light on anything even while standing outside in the middle of the day…but that’s another story entirely.

    As I type, I keep wondering why I still use them. I use UPS Store for self-service copies, but UPS doesn’t have the ability to upload documents from home and pick them up later.

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