Financial Situation

Can I say that I’ve had to stop listening to talk radio (which is big for me lately) because I’m too freaked out by the financial goings-on and too sick of politics?

(I’m actually excited about the election again since it doesn’t seem such a foregone conclusion any more, but, um, ready for it to be over.)

I’ve strongly believed for a few years now that we were heading towards bad times, as a nation, financially. And I knew that, in order to survive, our family would need to get completely out of debt. We’re working on it and making GREAT progress.

But we’re NOT READY! I don’t have millions socked away in gold bars under my bed yet! (potential robbers note: I will never have gold bars under my bed.) I don’t have my house paid off yet. Hell, I don’t even have a really nice rainy day fund yet.

We’re heading to the bank on Friday to HOPEFULLY wrap things up with my mom’s estate. But you know what? Her assets have not been actively managed since her death, and I know she was heavily invested in the financial sector. I believe she had quite a bit in AIG. That kind of pisses me off – the money and investments are off-limits to us at this point, and are the responsibility of the Trust Officer. Who, really, it’s not her money, so she doesn’t care as much as we do about it. Grr.

Anyway, we are hoping that once we get that all settled, we can use some of the money from our portion of her investments to pay off our remaining debt and head into the next season of our lives without owing anyone anything.


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