So, last Tuesday I was compelled to nest. It was a force that would not be denied. Despite contractions (4-5/hour all day), I persisted as much as able and got the kids’ room all ready.

Kids Room

This first picture is the “new” dresser. It was soooo not worth all the effort to refinish it. But it does look a little better in the room than it would have when it was pink and purple. The top two drawers are baby clothes, the bottom three are Wally’s things. (puzzles and dress-up clothes)

The gray bin on the floor is our new idea. Throughout the day, various toys end up in various rooms in our house. Before bed, Wally is supposed to gather said toys and put them away. But that takes so long to remember where they go, and not get out other toys in the meantime. So we’re trying this bin. Throughout the day when we pick up, he can put toys in the gray bin. When the bin gets full, we take a few minutes and put the toys back where they belong for real.

Kids Room

This dresser holds the baby’s things. Diapers, carriers, etc. Diaper bag on the floor. Blankets and burp clothes on the top shelf of the little shelving unit. Pins, snappis, and personal care stuff in the baskets on the wall. Change pad will go on top of this dresser when I bring it down from the attic. Diaper pail, when I find one I like, will go to the right of the dresser.

Kids Room

This dresser is Wally’s clothes in the bottom three drawers and misc stuff (including our Small Toy Parts bin).

No, Wally doesn’t need three drawers for his clothes, and the baby doesn’t need two whole drawers for his or her clothes. But I like keeping their drawers less cluttered and with fewer things in each drawer. Helps Wally with the getting dressed process – pants in one drawer, shirts in another, underwear and socks in another. The shirts never flop over and cover the underwear.

I also washed all the diapers and clothes and got them ready in the drawers. Left picture is Daddy’s Drawer. AIOs and pre-stuffed pockets, and wipes. Right picture is my drawer. Fitteds, covers, prefolds.

Nesting Nesting

And clothes. All very boy. My sister still has all my gender-neutral stuff. I bought one new thing for this baby – the pumpkin shirt you can see on top there. In case the baby arrives for Halloween.

Nesting Nesting

So that was more than you needed to know about our dresser drawers, but I can’t tell you how good I feel about getting this done.


One response to “Nesting

  1. Sarah, I just wanted to say that I completely understand your need for nesting at this stage. It has hit me hard lately as well and I’ve felt compelled to get everything ready. It’s fun, unfortunatly for me I’ve got some setbacks now and have to take it easy until my babe decides to arrive. Your room looks great though!

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